Father’s Day at the Chop House

He’s the King of the Hill, the Leader of the Pack, the Big Kahuna. Dad fixes the thing that’s broken, plays catch, and, yes, would like to be treated to a steak this Father’s Day. But have you considered what the steak he’ll order says about him?

This Father’s Day, the Chop House is offering a special selection for all those special Dads out there. Which is one is yours?

Prime Rib Papa

This Dad takes his sweet time. The destination is set and it’s going to be outstanding, but before you can go anywhere, he’ll repack the car, take the garbage out, and make sure all the lights have been turned off. He might be slow out of the gate, but you know, he’s worth the wait.

Filet Mignon Father

He’s leaner than most. Some may say a man of few words. He’s not so “touchy-feely,” but come to think of it, hasn’t he come to every play, game, concert, birthday party and graduation? At his heart, this dad is the most tender!

Strip Steak Sir

This Dad is quick to joke and laugh. He’s full of stories, and he’s always got the right thing to say to keep others feeling right at home, no matter if home is New York or Kansas City. He pats you on the back, and he picks up the tab. He’s the guy with all the riches, in every sense.

Tomahawk Ribeye Renegade

Maybe he has a tattoo…or a mohawk. Maybe he competes in extreme sports, is a bull rider, or plays the electric guitar. This Dad marches to the beat of his own drum, like to do things his own way, and as a result, is inspiring, energizing, exciting, and in a word AWESOME.


Regardless of who’s the Dad in your family, we hope you show him some love this Father’s Day and bring him to a Chop House near you for one of these steaks fit for a King.

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