Menu Spotlight: Authentic Flavors of Louisiana

The Rib and Chop House serves incredible steaks and baby back ribs, but have you ever noticed that some of the specials and featured menu items don’t seem to be from The Rocky Mountains? Well, that’s because the owners of the Rib & Chop House, Burke and Melissa Moran, though happy to be part of the communities they have joined, are distinctly proud of their Louisiana roots.

Rib and Chop House Louisiana menu items


Cajun Flavors Showcase Our Louisiana Heritage

Preston Chiasson, an owner and manager in Cody, Sheridan, and Cheyenne shares that “having the Louisiana recipes on our menu keeps us tied to our heritage no matter where we are in the country, and it allows us to share our Louisiana culture with other exceptional communities.” Louisiana culture itself is a rich mix of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Native American and African influences. The unique blend of these influences is most notable around New Orleans and Baton Rouge, where the Creole and Cajun cultures are centered respectively. While it may seem hard to keep it all straight, Chiasson says, “Louisiana culture can be truly understood through the food we love.”

So how is Louisiana-style food unique?

It’s all in the way herbs, hot peppers, vegetables and seasonings are blended. According to Rory Sandoval, Director of Operations for all Rib & Chop House kitchens, the special feature of Louisiana-style food is that it manages to be “spicy and comforting at the same time.” The aim for the Rib & Chop House recipes is to have enough heat to be fun and to serve the food “in a way where everyone can enjoy it and be comfortable.”

Featured favorites to try on your next visit

At the heart of every Louisiana kitchen is the desire to feed people and lots of them…When you visit the Rib & Chop House next, discover a little bit of the South through our Rocky Mountain Hospitality!

Gumbo – Hearty chicken and sausage stew served over rice, “warm” heat

Louisiana Style Fried Catfish with Remoulade – Peppery breaded catfish with a piquant creamy dipping sauce, “kicky” heat

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp – Steamed shrimp and mashed potatoes enveloped with a velvety butter sauce, “zesty” heat

Jambalaya – Known as a “cousin of paella,” a melting pot of chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and Andouille sausage served over pasta, “zippy” heat

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