Menu Spotlight: Fresh For Summer

You have your favorites…and we love that you come to us when you’re hungry for steaks and ribs. But summer’s just about here and as the weather warms up, why not try some of the salads that are featured on our menu?

The Chop Salad

ChopSaladCan a salad be zesty, savory AND hearty? Yes, when you’re describing the Chop Salad!

We combine fresh romaine lettuce and hearts of palm with tomatoes, sliced salami, green olives, hard boiled egg, blue cheese, and croutons. Mixed with a lemon basil dressing, this piquant creation is mouth-watering and sure to satisfy your summer appetite.

The Dalrymple

DalrympleDo you crave a playful blend of sweet and tart? The Dalrymple is the perfect balance!

A bed of romaine is surrounded with apples and tossed with candied almonds, dried cranberries, and blue cheese. Topped with blackened shrimp for just the right touch of spice and finished with a citrus vinaigrette, this refreshing salad is great for filling your fuel tank for your next summer adventure.

Seasonal Drink – Magic Margarita

CHPeachLemonadeAs you heat up this summer, cool down with a special summer drink from the bar.

Our Magic Margarita will bring back memories of the summer fair. Tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, and strawberry cotton candy are blended and served over shaved ice. Think of it as a grown-up sno-cone!




Be sure to check your local Chop House for these or other available summer menu items when you stop in…and enjoy a little Rocky Mountain Hospitality!


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