Menu Spotlight: Fulton Street Ribs

You’ve had ribs. You’ve eaten back ribs, spare ribs, rib tips, and country-style. You know the difference between the flavors from Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis and Texas. Your tastes are seasoned.

Or maybe you’re a novice who gets a little dizzy with all the choices and just wants a great, finger-licking rib experience.

Either way, why not try the exclusive Fulton Street Ribs next time you visit us at The Rib and Chop House? Slow cooked using our award-winning recipe, the Fultons are sure to delight!

Rib&ChopHouse_4Fulton Street, Chicago

Chicago’s meat market in the Fulton District dates back to 1812, and Fulton Street, a red cobbled road, is the heart of this historic packing district. Today, professional chefs and meat connoisseurs who expect the best shop at the storefronts on Fulton Street.

The Rib and Chop House offers a perfect 1lb baby back rib cut, sourced from the heartland, that is only available at our restaurants. We are proud to call this exclusive offering our “Fulton Street Ribs” to honor 200 years of history and heritage that stands for top quality.

Ribs: Rocky Mountain Style

We start with the highest quality pork back ribs, specially hand graded to the strictest specifications. Each rack marinates for 24 hours in our unique recipe of seasonings and spices, which has won twice at the Memphis in May Festival, considered a Super Bowl of BBQ cookoffs. The ribs are then slow cooked in a custom oven until they are tender and succulent. We finish them off on the grill with a light glaze of our house BBQ sauce. Rory Sandoval, Director of Operations for all Rib and Chop House kitchens, notes “the beautiful things about Fulton Street Ribs that customers will enjoy are the full flavor with the right levels of heat and smoke and the great value of this specialty cut.”

Featured Favorite to try on your next visit

When you visit the Rib & Chop House next, give the Fulton Street Ribs a sampling. Discover our Rocky Mountain Hospitality and why we’ve earned our name as THE Rib and Chop House!

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