Parks Reece

Our Resident Artist

Parks ReeceParks Reece is an extraordinarily gifted artist whose distinctive paintings, lithographs, and prints represent a complete aesthetic and reflect a sense of humor that is both original and great.

Dubbed a “modern mythological surrealist,” Reece bristles at the label yet acknowledges that “you have to have a classification, and I seem to have been lumped in with the surrealists.”

Reece’s parodies inject humor into subjects traditionally considered oh-so-serious, and that has made him a hero of environmentalists and others who appreciate the complexities of the human role in our natural world.

Everybody Loves Shakespeare-800x800_0“I would never categorize myself as an environmental artist, but when the paint dries I often find that the work is relevant to environmental issues….I sort of dabble in modern mythology by juxtaposing the old myths of the West with the new things that are going on. It’s part of an ancient tradition–that of adding levity to gravity.”

Take a look at his resumé and read more of what people say about him and his art.