Why We Serve Certified Angus Beef

If there is one thing that we like to think that it’s that we are experts in it’s steak.  We always aim to become the community’s restaurant and we know that wouldn’t happen without high quality food and really good service. In order to serve our community with the best steak out there we looked to the best – Certified Angus Beef.

More about CAB

In 1978, a group of ranchers and a renowned meat scientist helped create a brand that held an uncompromising set of standards for beef.  Over 40 years later the brand is still thriving on it’s strong connections to ranchers and dedication to it’s quality standards.Certified Angus Beef

The group of ranchers took the farm to table idea and took it one step further with it’s strict standards to meet.
And it’s from these standards that you can always count on:

• High marbling – what provides that really good juicy taste that keeps you coming back

• Consistency – safeguards against varying tenderness

But how exactly do these standards compare to the “other guys?”  By maintaining standards and check points along with independent USDA inspections, the cattle are measured and labeled according to the grading scale: Prime, Choice, and Select.   Though it often shocks our customers to find out that “less than 1.5% of beef achieves the high standards of Certified Angus Beef ® brand Prime,” meaning that they are committed to the quality of beef rather than quantity.


We believe in the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) standards so much so that we are willing to steak our name on it. (Get it??)  Any time you order off a Rib and Chop House menu you can be guaranteed you are enjoying a CAB steak and here are of the few premium steaks you can enjoy at your local Rib and Chop House:

  • New York Strip
  • Hand-cut Ribeye
  • Baseball Cut Top Sirloin
  • Cote de Boeuf

Our community is our culture and with that commitment we are dedicated to serving you only the best. And also we know that there is simply nothing better than a big juicy steak.

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