Frequently Asked Questions

How long after purchase will I receive my digital QR code?

24-48 hours after you complete your purchase you will receive a welcome email with your attached QR code.
*Please note if you do not see your email in your inbox to check your spam/junk file as there is a chance it might be directed there.

How long will it take to receive my products?

Please allow 3-6 weeks for your welcome package to arrive.
*This includes your physical membership card, your first monthly $50 gift card, and your custom knife set.

Will I receive a custom knife set every month if I am an active member?

No. Your custom knife set (1 set of 4 custom knives) will be sent with your welcome package upon your first month’s purchase.

Is this a recurring monthly subscription?

Yes. Every month on the date you made your first initial purchase, your card on file will be charged a fee of $50 unless corrected otherwise.

In order to get my free birthday entree do I have to start my subscription on the month of my birthday?

No. If you have an on-going monthly subscription prior to your birthday, as long as your status is active during your birthday month you will be eligible to receive your free entree.
*Please note you must show your server proof of your birthday to redeem your free entree. (ID or Passport)

How do I manage my subscription?

To manage your subscription, please scan your unique code (found in your welcome email or on your physical card) and click the button “manage subscription.”
If you cannot access your unique landing page, please contact us at for assistance.

Does the 10% discount apply to to-go orders?

Yes and we encourage it! We want you to use this benefit whether you are dining in with us or just ordering it to go. Check your welcome email for your unique 10% off code to use on all future orders.

How do I edit my Shopify information associated with my subscription?

Log in to your shopify account and click “manage” under the category you need to edit. (i.e- to manage change of address, payment method, etc.)

How do I receive informative emails and updates on Royalty?
When purchasing the subscription, make sure to opt in to receive updates and informative emails for Royalty via the checkbox.
If you choose to opt in to marketing emails later on, you can visit to join
What benefits do I receive with my membership?
  • Skip the line! If you do not have a reservation, you are eligible to be placed at the top of the waitlist upon entry  (max party of 6)
  • $600 in gift cards ($50 a month)
  • 10% off all food and alcoholic beverages
  • Free birthday entree
  • Branded Rib and Chop knife set
  • Discount on to-go orders with your Royalty code
  • Gifts and more!
Who do I reach out to if I have questions or need assistance with my account?

Contact for assistance.

How do I cancel my subscription?
  • As sad as we will be to see you go… you can log into your Recharge account, click “cancel subscription,” and fill out the proper information to submit your cancellation request
  • Or email and state your name and reason for cancellation.
If I lose my membership card, can I get a new one?

Absolutely! If an instance happens where your membership card is lost, stolen, or damaged, please contact to request a new one. We will handle it accordingly.

How much is my monthly gift card? Does it expire?

For every month that you remain an active member, you will receive a $50 gift card to enjoy at your leisure. Your gift card will not expire and can be spent at your convenience.

Can I use my membership card and rewards at any Rib & Chop location?

100% yes! We want you to enjoy your travels and still lead the Royalty lifestyle at any Rib and Chop House location near you.

When entering a Rib and Chop House Restaurant, how do I use my QR code for my benefits?

Easy! When your server greets you, let them know that you are a Royalty member by showing your digital QR code from your welcome email or your physical membership card. They will handle the rest!

National Holiday Disclaimer

The Holiday seasons are a busy time –  we will not be able to accommodate priority seating during these high volume days.