Rib & Chop Royalty members will receive…

$600 in Gift Cards ($50 a month)

10% Off All Food, Liquor, Beer, and Wine


Free Birthday Entrée

Gifts & More!

*St. George location is excluded from alcohol discount

Ready to become Royalty?

Our new Royalty Program offers exclusive monthly rewards and gifts to customers who choose to participate. Upon purchase, you will receive a gift set filled with branded items, a $50 gift card, other goodies, and your very own Rib & Chop Royalty card to go into your wallet. This card will set you apart and signify to our staff that you are a part of our Royalty Program.

Is Rib & Chop House your favorite restaurant? Does our team know you by name? Can you order without ever taking a look at the menu? Has your family celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays with us? Are you a current member of our Loyalty Rewards Program?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may just be the perfect fit for the Rib & Chop Royalty Program.

Your kingdom awaits for only $50 per month! Click below to purchase your Royalty Subscription today.